Home town - Vernon, BC, Canada

Born -
Calgary, AB, Canada

Height -

Weight - 185lbs.

Started training in 1989 with Les Thorton and Dynamite Kid in Calgary. received further training from Bad News Allen, and Phil Lafon.

Names used
Brutal Bret Como, "Thunderbird" Bret Como, Ultamite Dragon, Black Dragon, "Ace" Bret Como, and The Canadian Butcher.

Best matches with
"You canít laugh", Lance Storm

"Is there anything else we can do", Ultamo Dragon

"Youíll be laughing before the bell", Lenny St. Clair (Dr. Luther)

"Hurry and do your shit", Crowbar

"Iím not fat, and have a full head of hair", Steve Rivers

Chris Jerico, ect. 1 st match.

Most Japanese matches are always great and some of the Mexicans are great also. Some!!!

-wrestled Chris Jerico in his first TV taping, hockey hair vs. poodle hair

-helped train at the hart brothers camps.

-helped with training Chris Jerico and lance storm at hart broís camp and remain friends to this day

-traveled the first 4-5 years with Chris, lance, Lenny, or mike Lozanski

-felt like a vet when Jerico ask me about his first gimmick, cowboy Chris Jerico, haha

-wrestled in Japan over 10 times, for 3 companies, wing 94, war 94,95, and michinocu pro 2000

-wrestled in Monterey, Mexico FILL as the Canadian butcher. Held fill jr. title from my 2nd match till the day I left 3 months later

-had a foot and a half mohawk in Mexico

-first person to do comotizer (shooting star press), from top rope to floor in Japan Sumo hall, Tokyo, Japan 95 against ulimo for the uwf jr. belt

-spent 2 days incarcerated in Japan due to the corporal kursner incident

-almost incarcerated in Mexico first night trying to explain to fedarallies that Iím a " LECHA LABRADOR"

-quit or been fired every tour to Winnipeg for Tony Condello. Good guy, but lots of stories

-enjoy "checking" the new juicers heads after matches. (perfablally at a pub or club)

-got to jam with Jerico pre Fozzy. With Lennyís band in okotooks, and got on stage a few times to sing? in Mexico

-WCW thunder try out Vs crowbar , wrestling observer says,"Crowbar, who had the best match of the night against local bret como,gave a lot of offense to Como. Como, who feuded with ultimo dragon in Japan, Is an experienced guy with talent and that explains why they had the best match on the card"

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