Welcome to the home of the Black Dragon, A.K.A., "THUNDERBIRD" Bret Como.I have been wrestling for over 10 years, throughout Japan, Mexico, USA, and Canada. I have held and fought for numerous titles all around the world. I have fought some of the best workers in the buss. Ultimo Dragon, Great Sasuke, Lance Storm, Gerry Morrow, Lenny St. Clair, Tiger Mask IV, Apachi, Crowbar, and a fellow friend, foe?, Chris Jericho.

Now available copies of my latest video entitled Black Dragon The Bret Como story, only $25. Contact me for more details. Click the thumbnail to view larger version of the cover.

See what the people say about the video:

"it is the greatest video released since girls who like to take it in the butt series hit my local video store" Adam Firestorm

"I can't wait until it is released on DVD, this is a must have for any fan. It also teaches you how to swerve a hotel key from any wrestler" Moondog Manson

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